Inverter wattage necessary to charge lights in car-
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    Inverter wattage necessary to charge lights in car

    Wondering if anyone knows what type of wattage I need out of a power inverter to charge my lights in the car. Charging a Niterider 1800. Why am I doing this? Sometimes I forget to charge mine up and the extra 2 hours of driving time would ensure I get there with plenty of juice in the batteries. Thanks!

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    How many amps on the input side of the charger does it say? Multiply the Voltage (120) by the Amps and you'll get the Watts.

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    I have a small 75 watt inverter I bought from Radio Shack some years ago ( about the size of a pack of cigarettes ). Seems to do the trick although I have never really needed to use it. I bought it for camping trips or when I have no access to AC. For the hell of it I just went outside to try it in the car. All of the indicator leds light up on the charger so I assume that it's working.

    Also keep in mind you could also buy a DC to DC converter ( with MS output plug ) which is much simpler. Converting 12-14 volts DC to 8.4 DC is much easier so the unit is not as big. If you need one of those I believe Action LED sells those as well.

    The nice thing about about an inverter though is that you can run any device that uses AC as long as you don't over-task the power rating of the inverter. To be on the safe side always a good idea to have a slightly higher power rating on the inverter ( compared to the power draw of the load ). Of course the higher the power rating of the device the more current that has to come through your cigarette lighter plug in your car. Draw too much power ( current ) and you will blow the fuse. Keep it under 2A and you should be fine.

    Anyway, nice to have an inverter in case of a home power outage. In a pinch I can keep all of my Li-ion batteries ( and cells ) charged by charging them in the car ( if needed ). Need I say, you can keep your house lit for hours if you have enough batteries. Just don't run anything on high. Use the lower settings and your lamps won't overheat. Next time I go camping I won't need a Coleman lamp. I have enough LED lamps and rechargeable batteries to last me for days.

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