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    If I Have to Pick One....

    I understand a combo is the ideal avenue, but if I were to just start with either bar mounted or helmet mounted which is the more fundamental?

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    Helmet as long as its not foggy. When i take just a emergency light, if i dont intend the ride to last until the dark, thats what i take!

    Bar light is the way that most of us started though, once you have done a few rides with just the bar you really appreciate the helmet light.

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    both have pros and cons:

    Helmet: allows you to aim the light were you look (around corners). If it is foggy, dusty or rainy it reflects light back to you and also it doesn't gives you the depth perception that the bar mount does.

    Bar: better depth perception; you can actually see shadows and gives you better details about the terrain. Not good if your trail is twisty

    If I would have to do only one light (as I have done in the past), I have gone with a helmet only but that is because my terrain is technical (or was TBO)
    Try it for yourself. I like the most potent in the bars to give me a good definition of the trail and another one dimmed to see around and compliment the bar light

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    With all the options available, and with the prices becoming more fair all the time (thanks to competition) I just don't see any reason to only get ONE light in the first place.

    Not to mention that it makes sense to have a second light for backup anyway. Even if it's just a torch/flashlight.

    A person could get set up with helmet AND bar lights for under $100 if using flashlights (that includes lights, batteries, chargers and mounts).
    If flashlights aren't your thing, you can still get set up with good quality lights for around $300 or so (ex. Ayup MTB kit, Dinottes, Minewts, etc.)

    What's your budget?

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    you could always buy a nice bar light then get a tight beam flashlight for the head.

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