How to disassemble the Lupine SL-
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    How to disassemble the Lupine SL

    Just leaving this here, for Duckduckgo/Google to index. How to disassemble the Lupine SL, with some photos.

    I already torn it down in a ruthless way, so I can't test my instructions. But I believe they are correct. Use at your own risk.

    * Remove the back cover. The torx tool is kindly included.

    * There are 4 thick protruding pins above the center, beneath the inductor.

    They are the only thing that keeps the board in. While unsoldering these 4 pins, pull (may be by inductor?) the whole board out. This is the only non-trivial step.

    * Unscrew 3 torx screws (same tool).

    They screw into the external front black plastic bezel. (and the bezel thus presses the lens to the housing)

    Remove the bezel together with the two lenses. May be by pressing on the 3 screws. Or pull the screws out, and press on the black bezel through the holes.

    * Unscrew the 4 srew-nuts that press the LED board against the housing. (on 2nd photo above only one was left unscrewed) Press on the board from the front (LED side), and it will easily come out. A thermal film is the only thing that sticks the board to the housing's pill.

    No glue was used while assembling (seems to), just two sealing rings (pads) of special shape, and screws. It should be possible to cleanly disassemble the headlight,
    without damaging it in any way.

    Happy hacking

    PS., 1.5 months after I wrote the OP, a little ad: Two other major search engines (ddg, bing) show this post first (when searching for the title), while google doesn't even show it on the 1st page. So, use alternatives! I like ddg.
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    Thank you for that hack! You finally got one , even an SL-F. Is it still working ?

    Was it an e-bike Version or the battery powered version?

    Could you post pictures of the lens assembly as well? Thank you!

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    > Is it still working?
    If you'd see how the headlight looks now (pretty bad), your question would be serious Yes, still works

    ebike, Bosch, StVZO version.

    I assembled it back after making photos, and now don't want to disassemble it again (I'm afraid I'll damage my wires that I put in place of the broken "4 pins"). So, here are only the lenses, not the assembly. The inner lens fits snugly into the outer one. Detaches without problems.

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