Help wth sub $250 bar/helmet combo-
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    Help wth sub $250 bar/helmet combo

    Hi All,

    Am looking for bar and helmet combo full kits and am considering the following. Any advice or recommendations for best value for the $ or any other suggestions appreciated.

    Low end:
    ATC Amazon XML T6-$43
    ( ATC CREE XML T6 LED 1000 Lumen Bike Light / Bike Bicycle Light HeadLight headLamp with improved battery and charger: Sports & Outdoors)
    Ebay mini cree XML XM-L-T6 $38
    (Mini CREE LED XML XM L T6 LED 1600Lm Bicycle Light Bike Lamp Headlight Headlamp | eBay)
    Total: $80 -ish

    MJ 808 CE with solid bar mount and 6 cell battery $100
    Gemini titan P7 $75 on sale at action led
    Total: $175 not including shipping

    MJ 808 CE(plus solid bar mount)+MJ 856 (with samsung battery) combo $200
    at bikeempowerment

    gemin Xera $179
    MJ808E $79
    action LED
    total: $258

    Xeccon S12 U2 + Spiker 1210 kit $225
    Xeccon S12 U2 + Spiker 1210 Kit

    Xeccon S12 +Spiker 1207 $245
    Xeccon S12 U2 + Spiker 1207 Kit

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    Thanks for considering us. I think it's help if you had more information about runtimes etc. Good runtime can mean better battery or efficiency yielding consistent brightness.

    I just did a runtime test with the S12 U2 and S14 U2 with the Replay XD on time lapse to record the time. Setting was Low and no fan ventilation. Ambient was about 20C average. This are the results:

    S12 U2 on Low Setting
    Green: 4 hours +
    Blue: 4 hours 6 mins
    Red: 9 hours 36 mins
    Flashing Red 10 hours 47 mins
    Total to shutdown: 11 hours 5 mins

    S14 U2 on Low Setting
    Green: 4 hours +
    Blue: 4 hours 7 mins
    Red: 9 hours 41 mins
    Flashing Red: 11 hours 29 mins
    Total to shutdown: 11 hours 54 mins

    What started as quite similar runtimes it was nearly an hour difference between the S12 and S14 at the end. In the same test, we had a Spiker 1206 hooked up to a 2 Cell 2200mAh battery. It ran on Low for 5 hours 46 mins.

    In past test the S12 U2 gave us a runtime of 3 hours 15 and the S14 over 4 hours both on High.

    Spiker 1210 and 1207 are both close to 4 hours on Hi setting.

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    Hi thanks,

    Run times aren't a huge factor for me. Rides will be 1.5 hr-3hr. I am most interested in flood on the handlebar and spot on the helmet. Bang for the buck, ability to customize with lenses, and availability of aftermarket batteries and reputation are next. Overall light output isn't as big a deal, as my benchmark is 15 year old niterider technology.

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    Right now I am running two ebay XM-L lights on my bars, similar (if not the same) as your low cost option, and my older Magicshine P7 on my helmet (usually use a flashlight up there, but playing with the Magicshine at the moment). Not sure about the run-time of the XM-L lights, but I did run one last night on high for 2 hrs 45 min before turning it off. I'll try to test both lights tonight indoors with a fan just to see if I can get 3 hrs plus from the battery. I did buy a wide angle lens for one of these lights, but the flood is good enough that I haven't used it yet.
    I haven't seen any reviews yet for your low cost helmet light, but I was looking into getting one of those in the past. Sticking with my P7 for now, but I have a XM-L flashlight on order that might replace it (less weight,no cords).

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    Here is another similar thread.

    I will tell you first hand that the Lumintrek stuff is pretty good and the guys are willing to chat with you in the store (if you happen to be in Raleigh, NC) or on the phone.

    Thread im talking about

    Good luck!
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