Help! Need a light solution for a police bike!-
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    Help! Need a light solution for a police bike!


    I'm looking for a relatively unique lighting solution.

    I'm a police officer and get to ride at work a good deal of the time. Our bikes are equipped with an ancient incandescent light system that consists of a waterbottle battery, a two-head headlight, LED taillight, and switch. The switch is a three position type that does single beam / off / both beams and the taillight is on whenenver the switch is in the on position.

    Police riding requires the ability to quickly enable and disable both the headlight and taillight, and optimally a way to provide low and high power illumination selectively. for example, I may briefly need a dimly lit headlight to check terrain while riding between buildings blacked out, or a full power headlight when riding on busier streets. The taillight also needs to be remotely switched since it's attached to the back of the rear rack and is out of reach of the rider.

    So I thought I had a solution in the Magicshine 880, in that it can be turned on to 10% or to 100% directly, but the "glow" feature is potentially an issue. How bright is the "glow" when the light is off? I could technically keep the old taillight, switch, and battery assembly if need be.

    Does anybody have any thoughts on the practicality of hacking up the cable between the battery and lighthead on the MJ-880 to install an inline kill switch?

    I know this is all on the complicated side, but the lights we have need to go!

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    it's a tough joyce. Going the approved way, is going to get you support.
    out in the field, the support is important. Somebody got to sign up for that equipment and
    pay for it, aka department, or at least approve/ bless it.
    the niterider is still a classic...
    NiteRider Bike Lights : Digital Patrol and more for Police
    a new one,
    iFORCE Patrol Bicycles - Catalogue
    Alerte Trailblazer III Police Bike Light System & Siren - Security and EMS: Police Bike Store
    Bicycle Emergency Light Siren Systems for Police EMS and Security

    Marwi hat some nice light, they closed,
    looks like the view Officers riding a bicyle is not enough.

    for Rescue, EMT, etc, Lupine is popular ; Scurion is gaining in that field.

    would think, to separate the signaling, tail, red/blue flashing / siren,
    from the main beam, would make it easier, to make changes, on equipment.
    give the IPMBA a shot, they might be able to help you further.

    bunch a years ago in germany, they wanted something street legal,....
    the request got answered ,....
    Busch & Müller: BIG BANG

    on that side-note, most others are pretty much Off-Road only,....
    don't really want to blind a trucker, who could mow you down by accident,...
    so it is tough, to figure out what is acceptable.

    cheers, Rob

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    Should have added:

    The department is not replacing lights in the forseeable future. Two officers have been issued NiteRiders and are unhappy with the way the batteries have held up and with the brightness level. It's still an incan light, afterall. Two others have been issued Light and Motion Urban 300s, and while the light is pretty bright, the switching is a major problem, and obviously the taillight issue is not solved.

    That leaves us with the option to buy our own stuff, which means the $750 iForce system is out. Support, by which I assume you mean manufacturer support, is really not an issue because we have no support with the 15+ year old stuff we have now. We also have no real desire or need for flashlight red/blue lights.

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    I would email dinotte about this.

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