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    Helmet Light position (side mount)


    Has anyone experimented with 2 helmet lights on the sides rather than one on top? Helmets like the urge enduromatic (which i use) and full face have real estate on the sides.

    I think there might be benefits

    Less likely to hit branches
    if slightly lower than eye level, there will be slight shadowing behind trail texture.
    lower centre of gravity avoiding that floppy feeling helmet.

    mounting would have to be gopromoubt like taped probably though.

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    What exactly is a rigid hard tail?

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    Scar has shown pics of his Amoeba lights mounted on the sides of a FF helmet. Trailtech make a mount for their lights on the side of a FF moto helmet.

    Getting the light off the top of the helmet makes loads of sense depending on where you ride. In my area the rain laden fir tree branches droop lower in winter than summer waiting to snag a high mounted light. Getting an old NR halogen yanked off the top of my helmet is what pushed me to go with a low, forward mounted helmet light.

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    My issue with lights on the side, is the farther you get off of center, the greater the leverage, increasing the apparent weight and strain on the neck as well as helmet play/wobble. Other than that no real reason not to I guess.

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    Cheers guys,

    I will try and find Scars pics.

    There are quite a few trees where I like to ride

    What exactly is a rigid hard tail?

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