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    Headlight placement

    Just curious- most of us mount a night trail riding light on the handlebar and a second on the helmet. That's pretty standard. But why the handlebar? Is that the best place for the light, or just the most convenient?

    Motorcycles and cars (aside from "adaptive" automotive headlights) are not linked to steering, so why do that on your bike when the helmet light is so much more mobile. In what instances does an off-road motorbike have a light on the fork or handlebar so that it sweeps with the steering? (Obviously I know nothing about motorcycles, so educate me.)

    Is there any reason why mounting the light to the head tube would not be better? Yes, it would be a PITA on most frames, but if it's a better way to illuminate the trail, it might be worth the hassle.

    Also- two parallel lights vs a single light? Any advantage to putting two lights kind of to the side of the top of your helmet or midway between your stem and grips, as opposed to a single light in each perch? Is there a worthwhile "binocular" effect to be gained this way?

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    all of the above
    none of the above


    for ME: specifically for single track biking

    it has to be small and light enough in grams....

    one on handlebar for shadows to accurately size up objects with good depth perception

    one on noggin, no decent shadows, no good depth perception, but can see into upcoming corners that the handlebar light might not be pointed at

    with motorcycles** and cars, it is trivial to just put on a massive headlight with lots of watts/lumens and this typically has so much light and less concern of picking through small tight corners ...one light can do it all, be large and heavy and large reflector, and also have lots of power requirement...the motor can supply power

    **dirtbikers often run two lamps, but powered by the bike electrics

    so yes and no and all in between

    light on head tube ? no...you want light where your head or your tire is aiming, you don't need light where your butt is going (head tube is being dragged along, it is not pointed where you are actually going to be next, unless in straight line)
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    Adding another question to first post...

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