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    handlebar helmet light combo

    Hello! I'm looking at purchasing a Fenix BC30, the non rechargeable model. I would like some suggestions on a helmet light that will complement this light and also hopefully take the same battery. Also open to other light combos. I have a cheap bell helmet from WalMart so I don't know if ill need something better for a light. Probably going to upgrade the helmet soon to something like the bell speed 2. I do mostly road and was trails right now. Thanks for any help!

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    Will this be for night riding on trails, or more as a safety light for road use?

    I'm not a fan of single use batteries myself, but if it's what you want, just get two of the lights you listed above. I've used zip-strips to attach a light mount to my helmet. A litle bit of dremel and sanding should get the base modified to be flush against a helmet. Could also look for headlamps that use these batteries. Headlamp mounts are very easy to zipstrip to a helmet.

    However, I'd rather get a light weight usb rechargeable light for my helmet.

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    The fenix bc30 uses rechargeable 18650 or cr123 li-ion batteries. The difference between that and the "rechargeable" version is that the bc30r is USB chargeable and self contained. The bc30 you have to remove the cells to charge them on an appropriate charger.

    Also fenix uses neutral white emitters not cool white (which is a very good thing) so may not be easy to locate a helmet light that uses NW emitters unless buying another Chinese light.

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    It looks like The fenix bc30 can take user replaceable 18650s which is a good thing. As these are rechargeable. if you are looking for a self contained option that uses 18650s then you could just go with a 18650 flashlight mounted to your helmet. Go with a neutral white one to match the beam color of the fenix bc30. I've used a Thrunite tn 12 neutral flashlight paired with the Nitefighter bt40 neutral bike light. The thrunite had more throw and the Nitefighter is floody so together they work pretty well. I ran the thrunite at the 800 lumen setting which has a 1.5 hour runtime on good Panasonic based batteries.

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    I have literally $1000's of dollars in edc pocket lights and weapon lights, and they mostly all take cr123's. I am not worried about the added battery cost since I buy these batteries in bulk already. I have zero experience with bike lights. Thanks for the comments so far mentioning the tint of the light. I hadn't thought of that. Also, to clarify, I will be mainly wanting to be seen at night by traffic and only using the added helmet light while on trails at night

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    how about try using your existing lights first to see if they suffice for your riding?

    I use 1x18650 flashlights, I have tried a bunch from stock to modded w/ triple/quad emitters. I prefer a very wide and floody bar light and a more throwy helmet light. It's almost time to bust out the lights again now that it's getting dark sooner.

    For helmet mount, I use velcro strips but it works best if your helmet has a center and top vent opening. You might need to prop the light's head or tail a tad to get desired angle. Fortunately one of my 2 helmets has a perfect center vent.

    For the bar, I use the Fenix ALB-10 mount, $14 from here:
    Fenix ALB-10 Bike Flashlight Mount AF02 Upgrade Type - US$14.19

    bar mount is super sturdy, just ordered another in case my riding buddies don't have lights.

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