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    Guidelines for aiming helmet and handlebar lights?

    Hey all!

    Is there a general guideline for aiming a helmet and handlebar mounted lights combo?

    Should they both be aimed at the same spot? Or one aimed high and one low?

    This would be for tight and technical singletrack.

    Still experimenting but was wondering what others are doing.
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    The helmet light you point it to where your looking. (Watching the trail ahead, looking where you want to be not where you are).

    For bar light its a matter of preference but usually well out in front so there isnt too much light too close to the bike ruining yoyr night vision at range.

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    Iíve always found it a bit of trial and error, especially on the helmet. When you are sitting down pedaling, you are often facing slightly downwards. So what feels best standing next to the bike may not be the best while sitting on it.

    Otherwise itís whatever you find is best for you and your terrain. I usually like a slightly wider beam on the handlebars so that everything in front is lit up. The helmet light I use for distance and directional focusing. But if I had faster, straighter trails I would want a more narrow beam on the handlebars that is aimed a bit higher so that itís harder to outrun my light.

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    I run my helmet light to aim as far ahead of me as I can. My light is so tilted back that it looks funny! My bar light is somewhat level to slightly downward. You will find the faster you ride the further you need to aim your lights in front of you.
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    Yeah ok.

    I had my bar light aimed further out and my helmet light aimed a bit closer. This seemed to jive better on tight singletrack.
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