Good Light for City Riding-
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    Good Light for City Riding

    Hey Guys,

    I'm looking for a good handlebar light setup for riding at night in the city. I will probably also get one for my helmet to make it easier to look around and not get run over...

    Brand doesn't matter to me at all, as long as they light the road and surroundings well....


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    How much are you looking to spend?

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    So far I'm pretty damn impressed with the Magic Shine from Geoman. $89 for the light setup is pretty hard to beat. It's much brighter than my modded MiNewt and about $20 less to boot.
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    Having commuted through this past fall/winter with a Niterider Minewt Mini-USB I have to say that 110 lumens is just not enough. 150 may be better but 200 may be the way to go. I'm waiting for the Cree XPG R5 emitter to be readily available and I will attempt a retrofit on my M-USB to see if I can make it brighter than it currently is. I really like the charging options with this light, though. We have plenty of USB cables at the place that I had worked at and, since I have a computer in front of me all the time, a handy power source.

    WRT to running a helmet-mounted light be very careful where you are pointing it. When I was commuting with one I was always trying not to blind on-coming drivers and trying not to blind drivers when I looked back to see if a car was coming up on my left. I would do this by pointing the light down at the ground, swinging my head to the left then looking through the corner of my eye so that the light is pointed at the ground about five feet to my left and three or four feet behind me. At intersections I would put my hand over the light to avoid blinding drivers or even turn it off until I got a green light. OTOH, it works great at stopping drivers when they're about to do something stupid with their cars by simply putting the hotspot on their faces. That little helmet-mounted light probably saved my life one evening as a SUV driver was pulling out to make a right turn right into me as I was trying to cross the intersection despite the PB SuperFlash and secondary tail light blinking away frantically behind me. I heard the engine rev up and come closer then I turned my head and put that spot right where the driver's head should be and then I heard the screaching of the tires as he slammed on the brakes. I started to run a second SuperFlash on the strap of my backpack after that just for SUV and 4X4 drivers in case they miss the seatpost mounted SuperFlash and the other tail light just below it.

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