First rides Cygolite Centauri 1000-
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    First rides Cygolite Centauri 1000

    I posted awhile back on making a light buying decision and decided on the Cygolite Centauri 1000.
    The reasons were:
    1) Good price
    2) Decent run times
    3) Good lumen number
    4) Quality build
    Well so far so good. Everything I based my decision on has been spot on. I have had four night rides now and can give an honest review.
    The stated run times are running very accurate and the build looks to be top notch.
    I would say the lumen number is accurate also. This thing puts out a very nice white light, with super crisp edges and a nice, but not too bright spot in the middle. The throw is very good and there is no way to out run it, even on our somewhat open trails here in Phoenix.
    The battery mounts nicely and is rather small. The handlebar mount is very user friendly too. Haven't used the helmet mount yet so not input there.
    So the not so good:
    1) 7 hour charge time - I can deal with it but, wow that's a long time.I'll buy another battery for 24 hr. races.
    2) Needs to be able to toggle between high and medium or low and medium, back and forth instead of clicking all the way through the settings to get back.
    3) The button for light settings could be larger, especially with gloves on.
    So overall I am very happy, especially with the quality of the light output, and feel I made a good decision.
    If anyone has questions that I can answer, I will gladly answer back.

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    Thanx for the review pedlin slow, the Centauri is one of the good value products out there of very good quality and well priced. To have the on the fly programing and what seems to be an honest 1000 lumens in the $300 range is nice to see. Hope you get as many night rides as i plan on this fall and winter.Cheers!!!

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