Finally had my first night ride...-
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    Finally had my first night ride...

    It was fun. My friend and I were literally the only riders on the trail. The parking lot was empty when we got there. So I have a Xecon Spiker 1207 ( on the handlebars and a Serfas True 1000 on my helmet.( : Serfas True 1000+ Deluxe Headlight : Bike Headlights : Sports & Outdoors)

    The Xecon is a great floodlight and the Serfas is more concentrated as a spot. Also I didn't even notice the weight of the battery pack in my backpack or the weight of the light on my helmet. So they worked perfectly together. We rode at normal speeds. Visibility was great and I saw how important a helmet light is. It points where you look. So when I went into the turns I turn my head and can see the turn.

    So all in all we had a fun ride!

    Also last year I got my Serfas for a super bargain. Jenson USA had it for $116. And I got the Xecon from Amazon for $99 a few months ago.

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    Welcome to the dark side!!! I know,,,,,,,,that was bad. It really is a different world out there at night. The same trails seem completely different at times, and of coarse depending on your demographic the wild life will sure enhance your experience. Sounds like you have a good light set up so you should have many hours of trouble free riding ahead. Cheers!!

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    After a long season riding on the road, when the time change happens it all seems new again riding at night.


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    I think night riding on the trails is a blast! It does change the experience though. I find I ride a bit slower, my focus in narrowed down, less distractions. And the trails are virtually empty, and the few others out there, have lights so you know they are coming from way off.
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