Figuring out what I need-
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    Figuring out what I need

    Sorry for the long post...getting my thoughts out here.

    Lots of great info here on various lights, but I'm not sure what I need, in terms of lumens, and maybe other features, because I've not mountain biked in the dark.

    Long time roadie, getting back into mountain biking this year. I ride my road and cross bikes throughout much of the year, and many of these rides are in early in the morning or at night; I've been using a cygolite with 700 lumens. On the road I don't need it on the highest setting, so I'm probably only using 400 lumens and it's fine for roads (rural and most have no lighting). Couple times last year I road on double track with my cross bike and I found the lighting ok, but felt like I would want more if having to deal with rocks, roots, descents, etc.

    If I "really" get into mountain biking, I would like to try the trails in the dark, so I have more time to ride, in particular in the spring and fall. Problem is I don't know how much light I need, and not sure how I could determine this...also, I don't have friends with mtn bike lights that I could try, just those like mine. I figured I would use my existing light as my second, though battery life on high is only 1.5h at best (though I have a 2nd battery).

    Trails I would ride are singletrack, twisty, with short hills but not many rocks, and some roots and logs (SW Ontario, Canada).

    Ideas? Thanks

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    Run your cygo on the bars and get yourself a nice helmet light. 1000 lumens on your helmet should do just fine.


    Just to name a few.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gharddog03 View Post
    Run your cygo on the bars and get yourself a nice helmet light. 1000 lumens on your helmet should do just fine.
    I wasn't sure if 1000 would be enough. But I guess both lights work together to make trail riding in the dark better than say one light at a higher lumen than both in total?

    I've read that with the stronger lights the batteries can get quite hot, in particular if you're stopping, riding in hot weather...and I also see that these lights have an extension cord so I could put the battery in my backpack, so my question is how the light keeps relatively cool if in a backpack (or jersey pocket)? I don't think I would want the heavy battery on my helmet...

    In addition to the lights you've mentioned I've come across the Serfas 1500 for reasonable prices, though while it may be more light than I need I figure if I get a good deal on a good light it doesn't hurt to get more lumens.

    Lastly, I'm assuming most people carry either a spare battery for one/both of their lights, or a backup flashlight? Pretty sure I would...but thought I would toss that out there. Thanks.

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