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    Fenix PD35 (2014 edition)

    Just throwing this out there for folks to see another option. This setup is for bikepacking.

    I've used both the Lupine Piko and the Gemini duo lights extensively for my helmet light but have never been quite satisfied that I didn't have a non-rechargeable battery option with them. After a good bit of research I picked up a fenix pd35 flashlight and velcroed it to my helmet. My giro hex helmet has a channel on top that fits the light damn near perfectly so the mounting part was pretty easy.

    I've done several night rides now and so far the light is perfect for me. It's a nice tight spotlight beam that really reaches out. I run it mainly on the 460 lumen setting and have no issues with outrunning my light. Supposedly I will get 3hr 15mins at this setting which is plenty good for me.

    I know the CR123 batteries are expensive but you can also run it with the rechargeable 18650 batteries which would end up being cheaper in the long run if you do a ton of night riding. I guess another good thing is that I also have a flashlight to use if I need it!

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    I made up a 6-AA holder with connector for a friend to use with a KD clone for the Tour Divide race. I also made her one that takes 4 AA lithiums. Worked well- she was second female overall.

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    The Fenix UC35 has the same battery capability (1x18650/2xCR123A) as the PD35 but is rechargeable. It is essentially a slightly longer PD35 with the addition of a micro-USB charge port, which with a solar USB charger could be handy for bike packing. (I don't have these lights, but have been looking into them).

    Note when looking at their lumens/mode specs that both the UC35 and PD35 will drop from turbo to high after 5 minutes, and high to mid after 30 minutes.

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    I hadn't looked at the UC35 but it's pretty interesting. The only thing I don't like about it is that it's 480 on high instead of 460 so you lose 35 mins of runtime... On the other hand, I could easily make up for that if I could find a solar panel I felt like carrying. The panel would have to be light and efficient for me to carry that instead of a couple spare 18650's or 123's with me for a 3 day race.

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    The Fenix PD35 looks like a nice light. It was on my list of lights that I was considering recently just for a EDC type of light. I ended up getting a Thrunite TN12 instead, but they are very similar lights. I chose the neutral white version and I am liking that over the cool whites which are more the norm. I am really impressed with the latest LED flashlight options out there. You could make a really nice bike light setup out of some of these new flashlights. They are no longer weak little lights like I remember them being just a few years ago. There are some multiple 18650, cr123 flashlights that would make killer bar lights if you can rig up a mount. I just spotted a Thrunite TN36 with 6,500 lumen in cool or neutral white for under $200.

    Can't wait to see what the future holds for led tech. I hope we see more tint options in all lights.

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