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    Exposure MaxxD

    FWIW I recently purchased an Exposure MaxxD after reviewing many of the threads in this forum and the Light Shootout. I am extremely happy with the light's performance, the packaging, customer service, and overall quality. I love running a light without having to mess around with cords and separate batteries.

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    I own the Exposure Diablo MK 2 and its freakin BRIGHT!!!! I rode with the MK2 on the helmet and a Gemini Titan on the bars....a hiker told me "dude, you're lighting up the trails." hahahaha

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    I use the Maxx-D on the bar and the Diablo Mk2 on my helmet. I have the Maxx-D on high when I'm going down hill fast. For up hill medium is all I need on both the Maxx-D and Diablo. The Diablo is actually brighter than I thought. Typically I use it on either medium or flashing mode. I also bought the remote for the Maxx-D which allows me to change mode without taking my hand off the handle bar.

    For the tail light, I use the Dinotte 140R (120 lumens). After much research, I bought this tail light and believe this is the best tail light on the market. Dinotte also make two other tail lights: the 400L and the 300R. I think these newer lights are over kill because they are almost too bright. I got blinded when I looked directly at the 140R which comes in three flashing modes and three constant modes. I use it on the lowest flashing mode and found that it is more than sufficient. Using it on high would be annoying to cars and other riders.

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    I also like my Maxx D and joystick combo. I bought two 24 hr combos and they are great. I also agree with the customer service. No regrets on my choice of light or supplier.

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    I have the Toro on my bars and the Diablo on my helmet. Awesome lights. I actually run them on medium because if I run the helmet light on high, it actually lights up the moisture in the air on humid nights and kinda washes out the area in front of me. Both on medium gives me so much light, I can pretty much ride as fast at night as I do during the day... Not that I'm a missle.
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