Hi all

Yesterday, my new Exposure Maxx D Mk7 arrived and I had a few questions about it. Sadly, the documentation included with the light and the online pdf doesn’t answer my questions so I was wondering if anyone here can answer :

1. Should the light be stored at 40% charge in the fridge if unused for weeks / months ?. Where I live, it’s 36 degrees celsius in the shade which lithium batteries don’t like. I am not sure they like fridges either ?

2. When the light is charging, it says the light has “50% charge in cells” but when charging in unplugged, the charge shown in the OSD shows more charge, approx 65%. The charge% shown during charging is always about 12% lower than the charge shown when not charging. If I continue to charge, the “charge in cells” slowly reaches about 95% and then when unplugged, shows a battery charge of 100%. I am assuming the difference is due to the total available battery capacity being slightly more than programmed Full Charge capacity because it’s a brand new unit ?

As the battery ages, would I be correct to expect the “total available battery capacity” to drop below the “programmed Full Charge capacity” ?.

3. I am finding the capacitative switch at the back tricky to use. 50% of the time it does what I want but the rest of the time it does something else because it either misses my press or mistook my long press for multiple presses or mistook my double press for single press etc. It’s not a big deal as I usually get it right on the 2nd attempt and I have a remote cable switch but I am wondering it if it’s normal.
PS: I play guitar, piano so I am pretty good with my fingers so I don’t think finger coordination issue here. It’s a lovely light but the switch is a bit unpredictable !?

Thanks in advance