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    Upset Exposure Maxx-d

    I have two Exposure Maxx-d lights, a Mk 4 (1285 lumens) and a Mk 7 (2400 lumens). The newer light is obviously much brighter, but it also comes with a digital display and a greater range of modes, one of which adjusts brightness depending on your speed, whether you're climbing or descending, etc. It's a function I could happily live without, but more annoying is the light's habit of losing charge when not in use. Charge it to 100% on the digital display, disconnect and within days it's showing below 60% even though it hasn't been switched on. Leave it longer and it will discharge to 0% without being used. WTF? i'm not keen on leaving it permanently on charge, but tired of making a late decision to ride and finding the light is discharged.. It also takes an eternity to charge fully. The older light doesn't seem to have these issues. Any ideas or advice?

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    Did your MK7 always have the parasitic drain problem? Does it seem like it doesn't run as long as it used to on a full charge? With a 5 yr. old model it's possible the battery is going bad. Probably best to contact Exposure to see what they think.

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    One bad cell in the battery could easily explain the problem you are having. Has it always showed such rapid self-draining?
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    Definitely something wrong with the light. If it were me I'd be contacting either the vendor I bought the light from or go directly to Exposure's customer service and see what they have to say on the issue. You either have something wrong with the internal battery or a short somewhere in the circuitry that controls the lamp / battery interface. You didn't say how long you have owned it so depending on how old it actually is will depend on whether it's still covered by warranty.

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