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    Exposure Lights: WTF?! Help with the basics...

    Okay, so me and my friend who attended MIT and is literally a rocket scientist at Jet Propulsion Labs are at a complete and total loss as to how my new Diablo MK7 works.

    As my buddy says, "The manual asks you to solve for x without giving you anything but x"... It's insane.

    I got it to turn on with a double click of the rear switch... And according to the manual, that must be the brightest setting. The manual goes on to say that you can then click through the "programs", the programs identified by the rear switch briefly illuminating in the program's corresponding color. Of course, no chart for what color any specific program corresponds to is included. Furthermore, there appear to only be four colors the switch can illuminate (red, amber, yellow and green) yet there are at least 8 programs. I say "at least" 8, because there is a chart for the various programs, and there are 8 listed... However to turn off the "Tap" feature, the manual instructs you to access a 9th program, "via OMS"... The first and and only time "OMS" is mentioned anywhere in the manual or packaging, so there's another mystery (are they referring to Microsoft's Office Mobile Service? What?).

    To make matters more complicated, there appear to be at least 3 settings for brightness within each program, high, medium, and low, and sometimes flash. How these settings are selected is a mystery.

    Basically, here's all I've been able to do: turn the light on by double-clicking the rear switch. Then each time I click the rear switch again, it briefly turns a different color, but the actual beam of light remains largely unchanged. By that I mean it may get slightly dimmer or brighter, or maybe it's staying the same. It's hard to tell. If there is a change, it's so minute that it might as well be a trick of the eye. What's definitely happening is that the rear switch is briefly turning a different color.

    Due to this, I'm thinking I must be switching through the different programs, but staying in the highest setting in those programs, and the highest setting must be pretty similar across the board. The fairly uniform battery life numbers for the high setting in the program chart seems to bear this out... They're mostly all 1 hour, so it makes sense the high setting in each program would be very similar if not identical levels of brightness.

    What I don't know is what program I am in at any given time, as again, no program/color code chart is provided, and even if one was, how you can differentiate 8 (or 9) programs with 4 colors.

    Nor do I know how to toggle through the high/medium/low settings within a given program. There's literally nothing in the manual about how to do that. So regardless of programs/tap gadgets/mystery MOS etc. etc. etc... I can't even get this damn light to switch to anything but full power.

    Gah. Does anybody have an Exposure light? What the literal #%[email protected] am I doing wrong?

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    I just went to their web site and they have a video on how to program the light. It seems like when you are in the program mode and selecting one of the program modes you count the number of flashes to set the mode that you are in. The color of the flashes doesn't seem to matter in the mode programming just the number of flashes, but I don't own the light and never used one so you have to test that out. Once you set the program you are happy with then it stays within that program mode and you just use the light levels associated with that program mode. It's not something you are going to be doing every day. I set my Glowworm x2 light mode to the one I use most often and have only entered programming mode maybe twice this whole year. Double click from off goes to high as far as I can tell and then click again goes to the lower modes. Go watch the video on their website Quickstart Tutorials | Ultimate Sports Engineering

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