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    Exposure 6 pack handlebar mount

    Hello all,

    I am mounting an exposure 6 pack light to my 31.8mm handlebars. The shims that the mount comes with for the 31.8 bars are slippery plastic, combined with aluminum mount. Will some carbon lube do the trick on keeping it solid or will I need to throw a couple wraps of electrical tape around the bar than the plastic shims prior to installing the mount? Any actual experience is greatly appreciated. I dont want to get into a rowdy section and have this light start moving around.


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    Take an old tube and cut a 1" section out of it. Cut that section in half and wrap around the bars. Reduce the length so that you have a gap between the two ends. Wipe the piece of tube down with something to remove the talc from inside of the tube and install between your plastic piece and the bars. Should do the trick


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    Thanks for the advice scar.

    I ended up rushing out of the house the morning of my first night ride with little time to spare to work on the light. I ended up just wrapping one wrap of black electrical tape around the carbon bar than installing the factory 6 pack light mount with plastic shim on the bars. I mounted the light somewhat down like I had seen on some reviews. I had a buddy who had one mounted slightly higher who went on the same ride. Consensus was generally the leading edge of the etched symbol on the mount should sit center with your stem cap space(as a starting point, assuming all are etched the same).

    I didnt have a torque wrench, so I torqued it by hand trying not to go too hard. The light stayed rock solid over two rides of medium intensity jump track/single track.

    Setup myself and a buddy ran was the 6 pack on the bars and the diablo on the helmets.

    First run was in diminishing light conditions and we put the lights on low just to suppliment the little light we had left. No issues.

    Next run we climbed in the dark with both lights on low and they worked great. For the run down we put them on high. Let me tell you, I felt like I could see better with the lights then I normally could during the day! I could see much more detail and the light felt less flat.

    Walked away with a whole new perspective on night riding. I will definitely be doing it a lot more often!

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