Does anyone own a Sigma Lightster?-
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    Does anyone own a Sigma Lightster?

    I've been recharging this thing for almost 12(!) hours now, using the charger that comes with the set, and it's still showing the red light. That just can't be right, right? I'm really starting to worry about overcharging the batteries... This is the first time I'm recharging after using it straight outta the box. Granted, the batteries lasted for about 12 hours and I must have have completely drained them, but still this can't be normal, can it? Could the charger be faulty?

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    No I don't own a Lightster but apparently the Lightster has a circuit for charging rechargeable AA batteries built into the lamp. I don't know what batteries came with the lamp but if they are standard "alkaline" AA's you can't recharge those. If they are NiMH AA's they can be recharged. I don't know what kind of batteries the unit comes with so I can't tell you.

    If you are going to recharge rechargeable AA's in the lamp unit I don't doubt that it will take quite some time. I have a separate charging unit for recharging rechargeable AA's. If I only recharge one cell it will charge very fast however if I charge 4 cells at once ( mine has 4 charging bays ) it takes considerably more time. Likely because the charging current is split 4 ways. Yep, it might take over 12 hours to charge 4 AA's if the lamp's charging circuit is using very low current. Just make sure you aren't trying to charge regular Alkaline cells or they might end up exploding. Also make sure you have the batteries pointed in the right direction ( + or - ). Make sure you have this right or you are going to have major problems.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the answer, I managed to find the manual online and it really is recommended charging the batteries for 10h, which seems incredibly long to me. But that's just the way it is, I guess.

    Also, there really is no indication when they are fully charged, which is just stupid. The manual just tells you to charge them for 10h and that's it. It's a set that comes with four rechargeable AAs which you charge inside the lamp head by connecting a charger directly to it.

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