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    Dinotte 140L "AA" taillight & Terracycle accessory mount

    In another thread I mentioned it can be hard to judge which size accessory mount to get good results. In that case, I found the 50mm x 75mm ultimately worked the best for me with the Dinotte 400L tail light.

    To contrast, here is the Dinotte 140L AA tail light, using the 75mm x 100mm Terracycle multipurpose accessory mount.

    Due to the way the Dinotte "o-ring" style mounting system works, I'm using *two* of the optional "side extender mounts" and I'm using one of their "tab mounts" to attach the reflector.

    In this case, I've cut off the ridges on the reflector mount, and provided my own hardware (2 washers, 1 lock washer, nut and bolt). This approach for the reflector allows good flexibility in placing the reflector, both up and down and in and out.

    The other nice thing is the 4xAA battery pack of the light fits (snugly) between the rails of the saddle. The 2 cell lithium packs from Dinotte aren't quite small enough to do this trick.

    Note mounting the light on top of the accessory mount provided poor access to the button.

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