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    A Different Design for a Duel LED Light

    I was trolling around DX and came across this quite different approach to a dual LED light.

    ZhiShunjia ZSJ-B2 1800lm Neutral White 2-LED 4-mode High / Low Beam Bike Headlamp - Black

    The lights are stacked vertically, with one angled down to light in front of the wheel, and the upper one pointed down the trail. That might cast shadows that show contours of the landscape a bit better.

    Yea, it's only an XM-L T6, but surprisingly factory equipped a neutral colour LED. Modes are High -> Mid -> Low, which seems to be the opposite of what you'd need for the trail, but may be the right way round for the road. Strobe looks like it might be in the cycle with off, and it's a unfortunately a fast strobe. No mention of the button showing power status, or overheat step-down. Power plug looks like it might not use the MS standard. European power adapter too. All points that degrade its value.

    What are your thoughts on the design? Would it work well in real life, or is it just a gimmick?

    Maybe one of you guys with pull at DX can get one in for review.

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    I think the angle is too large... also the near light will need to be run on low or you won't see anything from the far light.

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    Since it has reflectors and thus some hotspot I suspect you would get two distinct and unpleasant hotspots. Of course this is just speculation based on the look. I would not bet on this design, at least for MTB riding. You can maybe simulate it somewhat with two single lights with similar lenses.

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    I agree with znomit. The angle you need for near vs far lighting is very small, which this light is not. I think the intention of this light is to have the upper light angled perectly horizontal, to light up things on the ground rather than the ground itseld, and the lower light covers the area right in front of the bike. I think it's targeted at slow cruisers?

    I think the light fails all around, even for cruising. If it's angled so the upper lens is properly aimed to light the road in the distance, the lower lamp will only need a few hundred lumens to light the area it is aimed. Hitting the ground that close with 900lm is going to kill night vision altogether and cause focus to remain too close to the bike.

    The angle of the lamp will not effect change to the amount of shadow. Shadows are created by the angle of the source of light being different from the angle of view IN REFERENCE TO THE OBJECT CASTING THE SHADOW. IOW, you must increase the angle AT THE LIT OBJECT, which means increasing the vertical distance between the light source and your eyes. A popular method of achieving this is a QR nut light mount.
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