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    Looking for a great helmet light. Im thinking for the price the Exposure Diablo fits the bill. Aside from short (1 hr) burn time on high any other issues or possibly alternatives. I like the Diablo as it has no battery or cords to deal with. Of couse I could get the one battery back up pack for a few bucks.

    BTW: Im thinking helmet vs bar as with a helmet light it "forces' me to look ahead where a bar mount does not. Make sense?

    Any advantage to bar mount??


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    I have the Diablo. It's a great light. I use it on my helmet, but I also have a Toro on my bars. I run both lights on Medium and ride between 2 and 3 hours and have no problems. The Diablo on high actually whites out a little if there's a lot of humidity in the air. Medium is plenty.
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    New Lupine Piko TL? not released yet (couple of months tops) 750 lumens and 2+h on high...
    Check it out
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    Quote Originally Posted by BBW View Post
    New Lupine Piko TL? not released yet (couple of months tops) 750 lumens and 2+h on high...
    Check it out

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    I got mine in spring and I have a ton of use out of it. Fantastic light on high. Use-able on medium but not optimal. For rides with 2+ hours of complete darkness I use the 1 cell piggy and mount it to my helmet. With the piggy I got 2.75 hours on high w/o shutting off dimming the light the entire time. For late spring/summer rides I don't bring the battery and I never had an issue with running out of battery. I also use the light as a flashlight all the time as well.

    Helmet mount all the way with this light. If you want a bar mount go with the Torro as it gives you longer run times on high.

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    Went out Saturday night with my wife. She was using a Joystick on her helmet and the Maxd on her bars. I started off with the Diablo on my helmet and the Six Pack on my bars. During the ride, we switched bar mounted lights.

    I left the Diablo on high and it shut down about halfway through the ride. The next day, I added the single cell piggy back on the back of my helmet. I may still ride with it on high buy a week ago I rode a couple miles with it on low and got good light for slower singletrack. I agree that medium could be sufficient for most trail conditions, especially if you have the benefit of a monster beam mounted on your handle bar.

    I love the build of the Exposure lights. The bar mounts are solid. I decided to use an older helmet for my Diablo, and drilled a hole through it exactly where I wanted to mount it.

    When charging all our lights, we did have one charger cord that was not working. The four plugs all worked, just not the cords USB plug. Exposure quickly sent me two free replacements.

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    Bar mount is essential in cloudy, misty or heavy rain conditions, as it acts like a car's fog lights do, and is a low down light source. In these conditions a head light will reflect off the moisture in the air in front of you and can dazzle you and mean you can see almost zero of the trail ahead!

    For one light a Diablo is a great option with a triple piggyback battery that can be mounted under the stem or in your back pocket if you want long burn times and crazy brightness for racing perhaps or just byitself if you're happy to turn the brightness down for just riding by yourself, get both helmet and bar mount and you can switch as you choose!

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