Decent 2200 Lumens Bike Light With Rechargeable Battery-
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    Decent 2200 Lumens Bike Light With Rechargeable Battery

    I came across this online - which is cheaper than most of the sites I have seen so far. I have bought couple of things like bike light and light holder for commuting to work every day. They are pretty good quality. I thought it would be useful for anybody like me with a tight budget.

    2200 Lumens Bike Light with battery
    LED Bicycle Headlight + Headlamp - 2200 Lumens, Waterproof,T6 x3 LEDs, Rechargeable Battery

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    You sound like a dealer trying to push his product....not that there's anything wrong with that. Besides being dishonest. Who buys a 2200 lumen light (a very exact lumen rating) for commuting????

    Looks like the typical cheap Chinese knock off of knock offs. Unless you don't care if this light will work at all or the battery maybe only lasts for 6 months (or explode) then sure, go ahead. But yeah, there's a market for that.

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    As my work commuting consists of 80% time riding on unlit roads, I went for high power bike light like this which is more than sufficent allow me to ride at night with confidence.

    Of coz it is cheap which is great for my limited budget however the light unit quality is impressive and bright and still going well. I will attach a pic here at some point.

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    I believe on ebay they are only ~$36
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