I live in a rural area and will be going back to the bay area quite often on business. I am looking to get a good lights set for night riding, but I also want a set that would be appropriate for daytime running as well. It will take me a little time to get use to city riding again and get my head on a swivel, so I want some extra help.

I see exposure has a nice package, the flash and flare. Does anyone have any experience with them in the daytime? Also, does anyone know if they have been updated for 2012? I have tried contacting Exposure directly and Ibex Sports, but no reply. Figures, everyone knows how the Brits are at customer service.

Dinotte has a package that has an Amber headlight with their 400R tail light. I am considering the tail-light to purchase with my night riding package (still undecided), but I am wondering if the $400 for the package is a bit overkill. Maybe it is only $200 for the Amber headlight as I may want the tail light in either case, but I am still waiting for Francois to finish his reviews.

Anyone else have any other ideas out there?

- Roger