Is cygolite 800/holeshot OK? Recommendation plz...-
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    Is cygolite 800/holeshot OK? Recommendation plz...

    Im not going to lie....I know almost zilch about lighting. Was going to search but this site is a nightmare on the computer with all the flashing ads. And searching on the phone is no fun either. Plus, im a lil pressed for time.
    I dont commute to work and ride mostly in the day. For the very few times Ive ridden at night, I just strapped one of those energizer headlamps to my helmet. It actually worked ok, but obviously a temporary thing.
    Anyways, I was invited to a night trail ride for this I need something a lil better.
    I found the above combo at performance bike for under 100. Do u guys think that this will be sufficient for trail riding? The reviews are more from road/commuters so I dont know how that transfers over to trails....
    Im not stuck on other recommendations are welcome. But I need something fast and there is a PB near me.
    Thnx for any help....much appreciated.

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    Cygolite makes solid lights, 800 lumens is a good amount of light. I'm not familiar with any light called a holeshot, do you have a link?

    You could ride with just the 800, if you are only doing one light I think most would prefer it mounted to the helmet so check to see if the Cygolite includes a helmet mount. 800 lumens will put your typical headlamp to shame.

    The amount of light you want/need can be highly dependent on how fast you ride and how difficult your trails are, but the Cygolite should be a good start and you can add to it if you feel inclined later.

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    I read a great deal on bike lights and have found the fenix bc30 to be a good compromise on quality, function and price. I am currently organising a GB for it but I don't think you will be able to get your item on time. Try to get a deal from a local shop/nearby online shop.

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    I own a 800 and I love it. I like the plastic that they use seems really solid and it has a nice wide beam for what it is and a nice hot spot. It does have a slight purple hue now that I just noticed but I also purchased a new light from a different company that probly gave some contrast between the two. The runtime is ok but I can't complain. I can post beam shots if you want.

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