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    Constant output from self-contained lights?

    I'm shopping around for a self-contained light to use on my helmet. I was surprised to learn that not all lights are regulated for constant output over the runtime. For example, (see plots below, taken directly from the L&M site), the L&M Taz is constant while the Urban is not.

    Constant output from self-contained lights?-urban.pngConstant output from self-contained lights?-taz.png

    I'm really looking for something more along the dimensions and cost of the Urban, not the Taz. Are any of the other companies lights regulated to constant output? How about the Cygolite Expilion 850? There are some good deals on that one.

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    According to Cygolite's website their claiming consistent output circuitry keeping constant brightness through the battery cycle on the 850.

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    OK, thanks. I reread their webpage and saw this bullet:

    - Regulated power circuitry maximizes brightness over the battery charge cycle

    I wonder if that means it's really constant like in the Taz plot or not.

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    I have the Seca 1500 on the helmet, and Taz 1500 on the handlebars. I would fork up the money and get the Taz, it's well worth it! These lights are very high quality.

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    The constant current issue is mainly because ones like the urban are single cell. Whole long explanation behind it. Matter of voltage drop from battery under load. Ones like taz have one of 2 ways of compensating for that running 2 cells. But you double the weight. Also of course driver design. They do have an Urban version thats updated, I saw the review, the trail 850 thats constant output (likely updated emitter and driver so its constant output)

    The light geek in me decided to compare the tech specs and and sort out the layout of the battery and such.... For the price tag they could have done better with internal design.

    Something pretty close to it, but half the price, and I own 2 of, the fenix bc30r. Not the output of the taz (spec details are a bit miss leading) but higher than urban, about price of urban. But 2hr+ run times, constant output, USB chargeable, and from L&M lights I've seen, quality is matched. More for your money basically.
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