Chinese/cheap version of knog blinder 3?-
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    Chinese/cheap version of knog blinder 3?

    Hey all, wondering if there are any cheaper options for something very similar to the knog blinder 3? Really like this small contained light for that first 30mins in morning when sun still coming up. Wondering if there is a Chinese similar I've with battery inside the light.

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    Not that I know. but then Fenix is chinese company as well as Magicshine and they have some very nice self contained models but they are not cheaper. You could take a look at JetBeam BR10GT, it is cheaper than knog...

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    knog blinder is 64 bucks yindings are 40 bucks

    can't do much better than a 40 buck yinding

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    knog blinder is 64 bucks yindings are 40 bucks can't do much better than a 40 buck yinding
    I agree Yindings are good lights, but the OP is looking for a light with an internal battery.

    Joel: while still not cheap Knog is selling them direct for A$83 including shipping Knog - BLINDER ROAD 3.

    The self contained Lezyne Micro Drive can be found for a bit less.

    I've often used a torch with an o-ring wrapped around the bars when I wanted something self contained.


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    Amazon price for knog 3 is $60.20 with free shipping right now .
    I still wouldn't pay that much for a 300 lumen light. The amazon reviews don't look very good either. I would go for something else in a self contained design like a NIterider, Cygolite, Light and Motion, or equivalent. They have a more prove track record in my opinion.

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