So I just picked up a magicshine 906b and am charging it for the first time. The instruction are crap and a bit confusing, but charging lights/batteries have never been an issue. I plugged it in about 14 hours ago and it is still blinking green on the battery pack. When I plug it into my iphone wall charger it blinks 1 green light 1/3 power, when I plug it into my microsoft surface charger, it blinks green on the 1/3 and 2/3 light battery level indicator. When I unplug it and hit the battery level button it goes up to the 2/3 setting. I read a review and said it takes about 13 hours to charge the battery.

I just emailed magicshine and am waiting on a reply but I tend get a better answer here. Does anyone have one of these lights and can SHINE some LIGHT on my issue.

Thanks in Advance.