Cateye or Cygolite headlight - general comments-
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    Cateye or Cygolite headlight - general comments

    Hi gang:

    I would like a decent headlight for my new mountain bike. I don't currently use it for any sort of commuting or night riding but it would be nice to have when returning off a trail at dusk and riding back home on neighborhood streets.

    I have identified the Cateye Volt 300 and one of the Cygolites (400 or 500) as what I think are adequate for my purposes. I don't like the Cygolite Dash series because they have the rubber stretch mount system which I'm not very fond of.

    Any comments in general as to build quality between these two manufacturers?


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    Will90, congrats on the new bike! Id say for commuting from trails, either brand would prolly be sufficient. But if you plan to nite trail ride, I'd be inclined to suggest other lights than those two brands. Check out Action LED or Ituo. Much better lights are offered by both websites.

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    Yeah one of those lights are fine but likely they are over priced. If you are riding MTB trails late in the day it's a good idea to have at least one lamp with you because sometimes things happen that could cause you to be caught unexpectedly back in the woods after the sun has set. ( think a flat, or mechanical problem ). If you're riding back on the road, buy and use a rear light as well.

    The Cateye 300 looks decent. If you buy the newest version ( HL-EL460RC ) run time is suppose to be 3hr on high. That should work if you're half way into a late day trail ride and you bust a chain, bend a derailleur..etc. , because you'll need something with some decent run time to get you out of the woods if it starts getting dark. Upside to the newer version of the 300 is that you can buy an extra battery module ( $? ) if you need a back up battery. If you're buying from a dealer make sure you buy the newest version. Ask them about it if you don't know.

    Both of the Cygolite ( self-contained battery ) lamps you mention are decent lamps and well rated. Sadly though both the 400 and 500 Metro versions don't offer easy on-the-flly battery swap-out. To get that feature you need to purchase one of the "Cygolite Expilion series. If if were me I'd spend for one of the expilions because I believe they use standard 18650 cells which are available almost anywhere on the internet for cheap AND you can swap batteries at will. ( Note; I don't own one of these so be sure to check the product features before buying )

    Keep in mind that there are other cheaper and/or brighter options but if you're looking at this website you likely know that.

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    Thanks folks! I appreciate the detailed advice and part numbers provided. I'm really enjoying the 2015 Cannondale Trail 2 29" I got at REI (great experience there by the way) on closeout. I'm only sorry I waited this long to actually buy a hard tail mountain bike!

    I spotted the Metro 500 on sale so snagged it. It was just a few dollars more than the cateye and although I liked the sleek design of the cateye and their very cool battery feature the Metro is supposedly brighter. I don't anticipate any nighttime rides at this point and I think this unit will be more than adequate for my needs (at least for now!).

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