can i use "red eye" seperately by directly connecting it to an Exposure Piggyback-
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    can i use "red eye" seperately by directly connecting it to an Exposure Piggyback

    i wrote to Exposure Lights ; "hi !

    is it possible to use "red eye" seperately by directly conecting it to an
    Exposure Piggyback Single Cell Battery for example ? i could not find any
    information anywhere about using "red eye" by itself . a powerful rear
    light is so essential for me these days .

    kind regards ,

    Omer ."

    and they said ; "Hi

    You can in theory but we do not recommend it as the power is coming directly
    from the battery rather than going through a protected circuit (i.e a light)
    so we can not say it will not damage the battery.


    Exposure Lights"

    i wonder how come the battery fails if i connect directly and what does a protected circuit mean here ? anyone has an idea how could " Exposure Red Eye " be used independently ?
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    You should be able to run a RE with 1 cell PB without issue.
    We've had several people buy these items and run them flawlessly

    The RE is 80 lumens and does not heat up enough to be an issue. Power is supplied direct from the battery and we've never had any reports of problems. One of our customers bought this set-up for his Bob trailer he was pulling across the US and Canada on a psycho adventure road tour.

    Personally, I have only noticed an increased level of respect from drivers when using the RE taillight. It's SO bright, cars see you from a very far distance and they are able to focus on your location on the road with the solid beam rather than being distracted by a bunch of little flashing LED's. Similar to a car or motorcycle tail light. They all seem to pass with a nice wide berth...

    Hope that helps.

    IBEX Sports
    Importer / Distributor for Exposure Lights, U.S.E. and VDO Cycle computers.

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    i informed Exposure UK about your reply ... asked them what they think ?

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