Brighter on helmet or bars?-
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    Brighter on helmet or bars?

    For external battery two-light setups.

    Soliciting experienced opinions.

    Also correlates to: lighter weight helmet or bars?

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    I think more focused on helmet vs bars. Not necessarily brighter. Having a helmet spotlight to see further out or project where you are looking vs a wider spread on the bars is imho the best setup.

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    IMHO, brighter on bars, cause shadows will show a surface profile to you.

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    bars is main light so there must be the focus for the most light.

    on Helmet its only additionally help, but not significant.
    I use 1/2 to 1/3 from the main light.

    If i use 1000L on the bar i use 500L on the Helmet.

    on the bars the weight ist not importend, on Helmet any gram counts.

    for Helmet i use Zebralights for 7 Years now ~85 gram weight.
    great output and very long Runtimes.

    H600w or H600d or H600C are best options.
    at ~600 Lumens you have near 3 Hours of Runtime and thats great.

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    Generally I can leave the bar light a little brighter within the 4 modes than the helmet light while just cruising along but I go max/max for downhill. Type of light also matters.

    My niterider helmet light has a nice round pattern with the outer areas a flood and the center is a spot light. The Serfas bar light has a nice wide spread. Any shadows as a result of bar light is easily taken care of with the helmet light shining downward.

    I'm partly bias because these are the only 2 lights I own and for a single riding season. And because I do not have external batteries and would not want the heavier light on my helmet.

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    I have a stronger light on my helmet with an external battery, I carry the external battery in my pack, then I have a 850 ish light on my bars.

    I prefer to have the stronger light on my helmet and I find it easier to keep the battery in my pack then hang it off my bike.

    I also like to have the stronger light on my helmet because there have been cases were I have had to loan one of my lights to someone and If I'm riding with 1 light I prefer that to be my helmet light.

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    So I have three Ituo lights that I need to divide up between two bike setups that I keep in different parts of the country. I have a:

    4 LED
    3 LED
    2 LED

    So for bike 1 I could use 4 LED on Bars and 2 LED on Helmet;

    and for bike 2 with just one light (the 3 LED) do you recommend it on helmet or bars?


    I could use on Bike 1 the 3 LED (bars) and 2 LED (helmet); and then for bike 2 the 4 LED for the bars or helmet.


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