Just got my hands on a Bikeray 3 thanks to Bikerayusa. I have been running the Ray 1 and 2 for sometime now with great success. As for the 3 just a few pics for now. Need to get some good long rides in with the light before i can get a good feel for it. So far so good, loving the output of this light. My previous light was a 15w halogen planet bike light. The Ray 1 and 2 blow that thing out of the water and the Ray 3 kills the halogen completely. Comes with all the same pieces as the 1 and 2 i already have. The first thing I did notice is that the light head cable comes out of the front on the 3. Not a big deal just something i noticed. Also unlike the 1 and 2 when you plug in the 3 you get a quick burst out of the light. So dont look into the light when plugging it in. I do like how the mounting system for the 3 is the same as my other lights. I didnt like the other ray 3 out there with the wing nut style mount. So far so good will see how it stacks up to the 1 and 2 out on the trail.