Battery management strategy-
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    Battery management strategy

    During the fire sale on Ituo lights a few months back, I picked up two XP2s, one XP3, and a Wiz 20, giving me a full helmet and bar set up, plus a spare on those occasions when i can get my wife or friend to ride at night with me.

    I live in Phoenix and can access trails out the door, which means I do a significant amount of night riding before/after work pretty much year round. So my question is, am I better off rotating all three battery packs plus the Wiz 20, or would I get longer life out of using two as primaries, only charging the the other two as needed, and switching to the back ups when the primaries ultimately fail? Would not regularly charging that second set allow for longer life or will their utility slow fade regardless of use?

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    Whatever you do, try to minimize the time of a 100 % State of charge (SOC). Any Li-Ion will age with time, it ages less if you store them cool and never fully charged.
    My recommendation, if possible charge them only up to 85 or 90%, and use the third as backup battery when riding. Avoid to discharge them below 10% state of charge. Do not store the batteries in a <20 % state of charge, store them at around 50% charge, and store them as cool as possible.
    If you follow these points, you'll have a long usage time of the batteries, unless you perform one charge/discharge cycle a day.

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