Battery Interchangeability and Charger Question-
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    Battery Interchangeability and Charger Question

    I'm the very happy owner of two new lights thanks to the usual suspects in this forum and their tireless posting, as well as a few other random user contributions. Thanks you guys.

    Helmet - Xeccon S12 Two (with two, 4x18650 4400mAH batteries)
    Xeccon S12 Two Helmet Spot Light with 2 x 4400mAh Battery
    (This particular bundle is currently only offered to Australian residents. If outside AU and really interested in it, you can try contacting them. Leonard was very helpful in my situation.)

    Bar - KD 2 x Cree XM-L U2 (with one, 4x18650 4400mAH battery)

    I was sure that the three batteries were interchangeable with the two lights and I've already run the KD light and Xeccon battery combo with no issues.

    I expected the chargers to be interchangeable too. But reading the small print on the back of each, I found a difference.

    Input for both is: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz

    Output is where they differ:
    Xeccon 8.4V DC2000mA
    KD ..... 8.4V DC1000mA

    Does this just mean the Xeccon charger flows more juice to the battery and charges it quicker? Or is there a potential difference in the batteries I need to consider?

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    The Xeccon charger just charges the batteries at twice the rate of the KD charger. Your batteries are all the same voltage, so everything is compatible with each other. No worries.

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