battery and extension cable question-
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    battery and extension cable question

    I have a dinotte xml-3 v1. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if the battery will drain if I leave the extension cable attached. I was out for a ride tonight with what I thought was a near full charge on my battery. I had to cut my ride a little short when after about 15 minutes in the light flashed indicating a low battery. I was puzzled, but I remembered leaving the battery in my camelbak with the extension cable attached. Could that be the cause? Luckily, I started in daylight and had over an hour already logged.
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    All lights will draw small current from battery when connected. If your light has constantly-lit battery indicator (like most chinese lights) then that current draw can be high enough to slowly discharge the battery (it will take a few days, maybe weeks - but battery will be discharged).

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    If the cable is attached to the battery and nothing is attached to that - then no. If the light is attached then likely yes.


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