The Double Strykr AWESOME...just to give you an idea, turn on your bright car headlights on a dark road and now at least double the distance you can see ahead, that would be with the Double Strykr . I did this with a Chevy truck in a field. Chevy truck a good 75 yards, the double strykr 150 yards awesome, plus I could see the far tree line at 450 yards, lightly, but you could tell what was coming into view well in advance. The Double Strykr handle bar mount, very nice, centers over the stem, easy to adjust up and down, left or right, the light is mounted very secure, no movement over the roots and rocks and jumps, Will say could use a clip to secure the light pig tail when mounted to the bar when the pig tail in not connected to the battery and a rubber boot to go over the pig tail connection when not in use, and a nice Baja Designs lens cover to go over the double strykr lens when the light in not in use, easy to remove the lights, but I leave mine mounted, once dialed in, just some extra stuff they could sell...The light itself is awesome.

I had read about the Double Strykr before purchase, about the low, medium, and high power settings, something like boom, bam and super bam...NOT REALLY, The Double Strykr is EXCELLENT ON HIGH BEAM, the other two setting, maybe a good night road option for extended battery life. Battery Life was excellent on high power, went over the 1.5 hour ridding time, still going strong.

Mostly ride the XC trail, winding through the trees, tight turns dodging tree trunks, Nice to have the STRYKR SL on the helmet, to look around the upcoming corners with the STRYKR SL...same thing with the boom, bam and super bam, Not really, the SL works well on high beam, could get away just using the Strykr SL on a bar and helmet, and be better than most lights out their! However if you want the best of the best in my honest opinion I would go with the DOUBLE STRYKR ON THE HANDLEBAR AND HELMET, I haven't tried this combo yet, but the DOUBLE STRYKR was so good and twice as bright as the SL, when both in use, you could see the different light outputs. If I had to buy just one of the two, I would buy the Double Strykr.

The Double Strykr had a nice anodized green finish, maybe like candy apple green, the Strykr SL had a heavy green paint, kind of ugly, and the anodized finish of the Double Strykr was so much nicer.

If I could make a tweak to either Double Strykr or Strykr SL, it would be to have a programmable or variable light switch knob the user could adjust on the fly, not the step button click, low, medium, high, takes too long to go through the light settings, just give us a dial, so we can dial it in faster....

Just my two cents worth....PEDALDOWN