anyone know anything about this light?-
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    anyone know anything about this light?

    So this light is called the Trailtorch by Candlepower Technology - the light looks killer but I've never heard anything about the light or the company. Any information would be appreciated.

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    There was a thread about it just the other day

    There's also a review on the main mtbr light review.
    Review: CandlePower Tech TrailTorch TT3000 -

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    The MTBR review of this light is very disappointing! I'd call it a fail. It's not in-depth enough for me to ever consider dropping $300 for one! Biggest disappointment is that there is no mention of what emitter is being used! From the beamshot shot it appears to be using NW emitters, but even this isn't mentioned.

    I'd rather see a review from a forum member.

    "My Bike Lights" Thread on BLF teardowns, measurements, and beamshots. Moving my photos, PM or post up if you can't see them.

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    I just picked one up the other day, the CP was very responsive to my questions and shipping was quick. Quality looks great, ships in a nice case. The battery is big, but flat, fits nicely in a pack, but is too big for the helmet and I'm not sure how I would mount it to the frame.

    I only have one ride with it so far. On high, it is ridiculously bright, with no hot spots, it lights up everything. It's like a giant flood with great throw. I only used it when going downhill that has some drops. On medium, it did very well, almost as bright, not as much throw, works prefect for singletrackand double track. Wasn't out running the light on the straight and had great spill to help see around corners. Low was ok, wasn't really bright enough to run by itself on anything where you needed to see details on the trail, rocks, roots etc.

    I has a nice over the bars crash with it, landed on my back, no issues with landing on the battery. The last time I landed on a 4 pack battery, it bruised my back. My crash landed me in the water, no issues or damage to the light.

    So far I am really happy with the light, I moved my Amoebalight from my helmet to the bars. The Amoeba is smaller and lighter with a light battery, but doesn't have the power this does, I had my Amoeba made as a flood, so it doesn't have the throw for a stand alone light, but I knew this when I asked for it to be made that way. They both are made very well and both respond quickly.
    I also have a serfas 1000 which I found to be too much of a spot light and too white in color. I also have tried a niterider 750, nicely designed, but didn't really get me anything I didn't have with the serfas other than being self contained. I also had used a variety of Chinese lights, all of them the batteries have failed quickly.

    The only down side to the trail torch is that to shut the light off, you hold the button for 2 sec, strobe is 3 sec. More than a few times I held to long and went straight to strobe. I think the time to strobe needs to be longer.

    I would have no issue recommending the light to a friend. It would had been nice if Mtbr did an honest review and not say lumens are not up to the claim and then say N/A on actual.

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    I just purchased this light and everything about it is perfect. The power is as promised and the battery and light itself are far smaller that what I expected. This battery and light can both be mounted on the helmet without having to run extended wires down into a pack or jersey. The whole system is very well thought out and extremely high quality. Very happy with the purchase.

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