Are all LED bike lamp "Good Enough" today?-
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    Are all LED bike lamp "Good Enough" today?

    Last summer, I wanted to get a bike light and quit using my Surefire.4Sevens, Fenix flashlights. First I looked at a MS900 from Geoman, but luckily the battery failed in the first few days. Taking no chances again to have any issues, I jumped got a good offer on a Lupine Betty II 7. As one would suspect, it is just darn near perfect ignoring the price.

    Now looking for a 2nd light and noticing that more and more lights look pretty good and even use the same LEDs while the battery quality issues seems to be less concern with better batteries.

    Therefore, I am considering something else this time- or at least open to it. I just looked at a Dinote 1200L+, but has mixed feeling about it. I consider it a solid mid-tier, nothing particularly outstanding nor particularly cheap, so it got me to looking again at Chinese made lights with a better battery from Geoman, for example- the "good enough."

    Wonder if anyone else is doing the same and would like to discuss the risk/trade-offs of low-end, mid-tier lights and high-end?
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    i went through the same thoughts as you, and ended up buying a lumicycle dual head LED4 system (about 2200 lumens)

    people that bought the cheap chinese at the time in my club, about 7 bought, 4 are still running, 2 of those 4 becuase i repeared them (PCB in the battery back, and broken connection in the head unit on the other)

    So not a good turn out really, 2 of 7 without issues.

    with the battery packs now being improved and the tweaks being done to them all the time i would be happy having one as a back up, but not as my main light :S

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