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    Airbike Ever Light SLH P7

    (Please excuse the refs to here, as I posted this at another site, just copying and pasting it here too)

    When I got back into mountain biking again a few months back, I bought just abut every mountain bike magazine from the supermarket and my local bike shop.
    I saw ads for a light called the Pro 1200 LED by Niterider.

    I Googled to find out the price and I was shocked.
    Between $600 and $700, as much as some entry level mountain bikes by big name bike makers.

    I was a member over at MTBR, one of the biggest mountain bike forums around, so I decided to check out what other riders were using.

    They have a section where members make their own bright lights and some sell them called Lights DIY.
    The other section I started to follow there was the Lights and Night Riding where I learned about the Magic Shine P7 and the Airbike P7 I bought.
    A lot of these lights are made in China or Korea, and they use the same P7 bulb.
    The light makers below both claim 900 lumens, but that is stretching it.
    Many who have them guess they are putting out around 600 lumens or more which is still very bright as you can see from the pictures below.

    The $89 Magic Shine is available from a company called Deal Extreme.
    They are based out of the UK, and shipping to the US can take quite awhile.
    A vendor on MTBR called Geoman who runs a business called Geomangear started to carry these, and he made several suggestions to the manufacturer after getting suggestions from the members at MTBR.
    The light improved over the way it was first released.

    I ended up going with the more expensive Airbike one as it comes with both the handlebar mount and a helmet mount, and I like the mounts better than the Magic Shine one.
    The MS one you have to buy the helmet mount separately, and it will ships with a long cord.
    With my model I have both a short and long cord.
    Use the short one when mounting the battery pack to the bikes frame, and use the extension when using the light on your helmet, and you can run the battery pack to your hydration pack or a jersey pocket.

    Magic Shine 900 lumen (P7 bulb)

    Pretty impressive for $89 as seen by the pictures below that are at the URL below.

    Below is the light I bought through Geomangear.
    They sell on Ebay through other vendors for $289, Geoman offers a great deal on them.

    Airbike Ever Light SLH P7 - SSC P7 LED - 900 Lumens (P7 bulb)

    I will not do a big review on them, this guy from New Zealand has already done that.

    Here are a few pictures of the setup.
    I can attest to how bright this system is on the handlebar.
    The light works great mounted to my helmet also.
    What I plan on doing is maybe getting the cheaper Magic Shine light and use it on the helmet along with the Airbike light on the handlebar.

    Helmet mount on top of helmet.

    Underside of helmet showing Velcro straps.

    Light on helmet.
    It was not on, that is the flash reflecting on the light lens.

    All parts laid out.
    Short cable is for the frame mounted battery pack.
    Longer extension cable is to mount the battery pack to your hydration pack or the back pocket of a jersey/coat ect.

    A few shots with the light on the bike.
    You can see in the pictures the battery pack on the lower tube.
    It is held in place with two Velcro straps.
    The light was not on, it is the reflection of the flash from my camera again.

    My digital camera is a Sony DSC H9 set to auto.
    I have not messed around enough with the manual settings to be comfortable enough to get a true beam shot, so I left it on auto.
    Here are the specs I shot the light in the dark with no flash on.

    Beam shots with low, medium, and high.
    There was a little light from porch lamps, but not much.

    Here is a video also showing the beam pattern shot with the same camera.

    I would like to compare this later to a true 1200 lumen or higher light.
    There is a guy who sells a cool looking aluminum blocked 1200 lumen light for around $400 on MTBR, his name is Zen.
    I might try one of his later on the handlebar.

    LED technology is advancing at a high rate, and even brighter lights are now coming out.
    Maybe this will force the big name companies to lower their prices as a lot of the DIY crowd are making some very impressive lights for a lot less, and even the Magic Shine and the Airbike one I bought are pretty impressive for a lot less than the big name brands.

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    Hey Corey, after seeing your helmet, I see that you won't actually even need a "mount" for the Magicshine. You can use the O-ring mount as-is on your helmet.

    Mine never moved, and I like that it's lower profile since it's sitting directly on the helmet. If you did use a different mount, it will sit a good inch (or more?) higher, making it more susceptible to low branches.
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    Thanks Jonathan, I may order up one later.
    I see Geoman is selling them like hotcakes, hard for him to keep them in stock.

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