After market bar mount.-
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    After market bar mount.

    My Bikeray Speed II has your typical rubber ring bar mount, and it's driving me up the wall. It constantly bounces, and eventually shifts itself down illuminating only just a few feet in front of my wheel. I'm looking for something that I can replace it with that is much more stable, still able to be easily adjusted, and preferably allow the light to be removed without too much hassle. I seem to remember something about a modified GoPro mount, but I can't be sure and a quick search turned up nothing.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Texan-n-Fla View Post
    I seem to remember something about a modified GoPro mount, but I can't be sure and a quick search turned up nothing.
    Go over to the DIY lights forum....

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    I just picked up some Cateye brackets. This gives a stable attachment with quick removal of the lighthead while leaving the bracket attached to the bar. Installing and removing the bracket itself is pretty simple, too, but I like to leave it attached so I don't have to fiddle around with the angle each time I put the lighthead on.

    You'll want either the H-31 or H-32 bracket, depending on bar diameter and where on the bar you like to mount the lighthead. You'll also want an H-27 spacer, which is what attaches to the lighthead and slides in and out of the bracket.

    The only hassle I had with one of my lightheads was the mounting screw for the spacer was a bit long. A shim cut from a 2mm thick piece of plastic solved that problem.

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    We sell a Quick Release Mount for Magicshine but it should also work on Bikeray lights.
    But the simplest solution might be to just wrap your bar with some Friction Tape.
    If you not familiar with friction tape it's sold in most all hardware or sporting goods stores and is commonly used to provide a good grip on baseball bats, hockey sticks, and tool handles.
    Wrap your bar were the light mounts with a layer of this and the lights not going anywhere.
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    That Hope mount is pretty swank. $12.50 is pretty cheap too. Even considering the $10 shipping to the States, that is still not a bad deal for a good solid mount.

    Are you sure the problem isn't that your o-rings are just the wrong size/too loose, etc? Seems like a tighter o-ring would fix it (probably for $2 or less). Maybe a small wrap or two of road bar tape under it, and e-tape the ends of that. I got o-ring mounts on my Magicshines and NiteRider lights, and they're just fine. I kinda like the o-rings just because it's dead simple and I can reach down and hand adjust the light while riding. My lights don't move around at all, and I'm hammering down some rough stuff at speed on my hardtails (SS or geared) all the time.... even with non-oversized H-bars.

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    A short piece of old inner tube about 1/2" wide wrapped around the bar gives a slip-proof grip as well as a little bit of shock absorption for the o-ring style lights. You can secure it with gorilla tape, or I put some rubber cement on the last inch or so to stick it to itself.

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