Is 2 urban 400's enough light?-
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    Is 2 urban 400's enough light?

    My brother and i want to start night riding and i want to get enough light for off-road riding.

    Local shop carries "light & motion" so i'm looking at there urban lights.

    I'm considering the Urban 400,one mounted on the bar and one on helmet.will this be enough?

    Thanks for your experienced opinions

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    enough... it should but the amount needed depends on terrains, speed, skills and individual vision. I can ride with 300 lumens but prefer to have 4000 available :-)
    Beam pattern sometimes is more important than total lumens; other times total lumens are so high that beam pattern doesn't matter lol
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    A single light is often enough for riding on the road, but you will probably want another small light at least, for a couple of reasons.

    1) redundancy, if a light goes out and you only have one, you're SOL.

    2) A helmet/bar mount. It is nice to think that you just need to illuminate what is in front of you, but sometimes (such as switchbacks) you will want to be able to look around. I prefer the more powerful light on my helmet, so I can look farther down the trail. Of course, this only goes up to a certain point; the larger the light, the heavier it is. A 100 lumen light is more than enough for near illumination (say, 5 feet wide by 10-15 feet in front).

    400 lumens should be fine for slower riding (I ride with a 200 lumen spot and a 100 lumen bar light with a square beam pattern) but if you are planning on going as fast as you do during a day ride, you would need a much more powerful light (2-3x more lumens). That said, before you get nuts about lumen count...slow down and enjoy the night .

    The particular light you are looking at will fit right on a vent of some helmets, others, not so (though L&M offers a mounting kit for it and their other lights). I would recommend, if you go with it as a helmet light, mounting it on the side if you can, as the long profile of the light either means it has to go on top of the helmet where it is very exposed to low hanging branches, or on the side.


    Nevermind, you've got it covered apparently. I read it as you were buying 2, one for each of you

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