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    Water Bottle Battery Holder

    Every year I think how I need a better battery holder for my lights but I never have time to find a good solution. My new bike has one bottle holder spot and you can fit one of those smallish bottles into.

    So I use two cheapish amazon lights. The batteries come in little pouches that I typically independently zip tie to the frame. Then I velcro-tie the cables together. It's kind of a mess but it works as long as you leave it in there. But its a pain in the ass to remove them, and then reinstall them. Plus the pouches are so cheap, they tend to fail also.

    But I can't just toss the batteries into a bottle and call it a day. They'll be bouncing around like crazy and definitely get damaged and eventually fail. What I need is some way to store them in a bottle where they are held in position. All these little gimmickey biking nicknacks out there, you'd think someone would make something for this very purpose, a bottle-shaped battery holder.

    A friend once just put small strypfoam peas in there to pack it tight. I don't like this because it will help the batteries overheat in the summer. Plus the peas always get everywhere any time you open it. Other's had suggested you could 3d print a little frame of some kind.

    Has anyone come up with a good diy/hack solution to this problem?
    I use two of these lights: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon....L._SL1000_.jpg
    The battery is in a pouch but you can slide it right out. If there was space in the bottle for the access light cable, I could clean up all the wire routing which would be really great. And I could take the whole thing off or put it on in a second or two.
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    I bought a tool bottle to store a few spares, pump & tube.
    I had room for a 4S Li battery so fitted it inside using a waterproof cable gland.

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