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    want to dim a 35w irc but unsure of the potting

    I have a twin mr11 halogen set up running a 10w + 20w bulbs at 14.8v with on off options only and p7 helmet light. i want to get rid of these and change to a 35w philips masterline bulb , but this kinda of wattage is overkill for the most part.

    reading the forums i could dim this using a potentiometer but i aint got a clue what potting i need. I am currently looking a one with built in twist switch


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    I don't know how to dim halogen lights with a potentiometer. But these LightBrain controllers are designed to give multi-level dimming for halogen bulbs. I have the "twin plus" model wired up to my old dual-halogen CygoLight, and it works great.

    I see that their on-line ordering site is gone, but you might be able to reach them through the contact e-mail near the bottom of the linked page.

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    To dim a halogen you really need a PWM controller.

    To dim a halogen with just a pot in series with the bulb requires a pot with the same or greater wattage as the bulb runs at. A pot capable of 35W is quite large. Your run time is not increased much as the resistance of the pot generates heat.

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    ive been looking up this pwm you guys mention and it dont look as simple as i thought, not got the skills to build one of the diy versions and the pre built ones are half the price of a p7 torch, unless there are no other ideas i guess im going to have to scupper diming idea and buy some more p7's.

    is it possible to have a switch module with resistors / transistors (not sure difference) where switch one is at 30% / off, 2 70%/off and three 100%/off or some sorts?

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