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    Want to create a new light for commuters

    Hello light geeks and freaks, teach me your ways!

    I've started a bicycle accessories brand (still in its infancy) for urban commuters and I'd like to develop a headlight. I'll try to organize this post so that it's not a book... i tend to get wordy.

    Here are some criteria of the light i'd like, that i can't seem to find:
    1. 300-900 ACTUAL lumen output
    2. Shaped beam, wide flood with vertical cut-off to prevent glare in eyes of oncoming riders/traffic
    3. as compact and simple as possible - thoughtless operation
    4. bonus - i'd like it to be able to accept input voltage of 24-60 volts if possible. That way ebike riders could power it from their bike battery.
    5. retail at $40-$60

    Some of the German lights have nice reflectors that (like a car's headlights) spread the light in a nice pattern and have a sharp horizontal cutoff. I've been able to find VERY few bike lights that do this for under $100, and not many even for over 100.

    You guys seem very sharp. Any ideas on sourcing/building something like this?
    Bend, OR

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    Note: I've tried a couple of the 12-80v LED lights on aliexpress that are meant for ebikes/motorcycles/scooters and they are terrible. Dim and poor light beams and too large and poorly made.
    Bend, OR

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    what's ab=vailable

    B&M and several other e-bike bike light makers (AXA, Hermans, Spanninga, Union, iluminox etc etc) market designs that meet (more or less) your criteria (although the highest voltage is usually 48v). I have a Philips Pedelec 80 which is a very fine light indeed.

    These are all relatively cheap lights although not generally available outside the Eu it seems. Dosun from China or Taiwan make the U1 for dynamos which may be available for e-bikes - not sure. There is at least 1 B&M knock-off for e-bikes which I've seen from China.

    Supernova have announced a slew of e-bike lights including the M-99 which appears to me a more sophisticated take on the concept that was being pursued by Philips and I expect may well 'set the bar' in e-bike lights for the foreseeable future. The biggest challenge facing many of these manufacturers appears to be marketing. Or perhaps venturing beyond your immediate 'home' market! Producing a light to the criteria you outline will be a considerable undertaking! Philips, one of the largest and best established lighting manufacturers in the world appears to have now abandoned the bike (and e-bike) lighting market evan though they had a great product. I assume it's fairly tough to be in the bike lighting business!


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