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    I want to buy a new bike computer...my final list are:
    -VDO MC1.0 Wireless Cyclometer w/ Altimeter,
    -Sigma Sport Bc-2006 Cyclocomputer,
    -Blackburn Delphi 6.0 Cyclometer
    I want something with altimeter...
    Any help? I have other alternatives?

    Thank you in advance

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    que crickets chirping...............

    Ok, seriously..................I'm in the same boat you are.

    I'm interested in the Sigma and the Blackburn. I can tell you from other products by the same company that the Blackburn is a little more user friendly.
    Also, you might consider a Garmin Edge 305

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    I can tell about the Blackburn. I too considered those you mentioned plus a few more when shopping for a new, more packed cycloPC, and ended up going for the Delphi 6.0 about 3 months ago to put on my roadbike. Itīs a killer. Iīve been using Cateyes for the past 20 yrs so Iīm very used to their layout and functionality, plus they have really compact and light, user-friendly interface. But the Delphi blew me away - itīs another league, much more complete and advanced.

    Beside the usual cyclo functions (speed, dist, etc.), I was interested in the altimeter and cadence combo. But what really got me hooked is the 20-lap function: it allows you to easily record 20 intervals or whatever workout you care to take note. And not only the split times but also the vertical gain, distance, cadence and HR for EACH lap. Thatīs one useful training tool and proved the highlight of the 6.0 in my opinion. The 6.0 has HR and I wasnīt really planning on using it much (own a Polar), but Iīve been using it quite a lot in fact, for I can now record my intervals, hills, loops and circuits more completely and easily.

    The altimeter is very precise. It shows total vertical gain in a ride, current altitude and grade - and itīs fast. I used to calibrate it all the time before leaving for a ride (it stores a "home" altitude for easy, constant calibration) but stoped bothering. Since it uses barometric pressure like every other of its kind, it kinda self-adjusts and rather precisely so, whenever the weather changes, and besides it doesnīt interfere with the elevation gain and grade (in %) measurements for a given ride.

    Itīs kinda overwhelming at first but once you get into the 3-button navigation system, youīre set for good. Itīs easy and intuitive considering all the functions and submenus and all, and the build looks rather solid everywhere. It has a large display with all the primary functions (speed, elapsed time, cadence, pacer arrow (for both HR and speed) fixed plus a lower, multi-function data window. It also has a backlit display, handy for night rides.

    Iīm very satisfied with it. Iīve tested the VDO before and although it has a nice termometer showing the temp over the Delphi, I prefer the Blackburn. Some dudes had short-term trouble with their VODs as well, not the 1.0 but other models. So far the 6.0 is proving accurate, reliable and very, very useful with all its functions. All I need is it to keep going as strong!

    Tip: the 6.0 comes with two brackets, one with wired cadence and another wireless for a second bike. Since it has 2 odometers w/ different wheel setups, plus a combined odometer, you can use the same unit for both MTB and road (I do). Just had to buy a second speed transmitter to put on my MTB so thereīs not need to remove-install all the time.

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