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    Upgrade MJ-808 Style Lamp

    This lamp was the bees knees when I bought it on eBay coupla years ago, but the dual and multiple LED lamps in Neutral White that have come out since then kinda knocked it off my bars. Finally got around to upgrading the original Cool White XM-L with an XM-L2 T5 5B1 from FastTech, makes a nice improvement. Original emitter was VERY blue, the T5 is comparitively colorless or ever so slightly warm. But the brighter LED seemed to make the lamp even MORE spotty, almost to a point. Swapping in an Wide Angle [elliptical diffusing] lens simply drew it out into a horizontal line, much too short a beam to be of any practical value. So added in another diffuser at 90, aligned them in diamond back to back, and now have a generous little spot ideal for climbing.

    Upgrade MJ-808 Style Lamp-image.jpgUpgrade MJ-808 Style Lamp-image.jpg

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    When the 808 first came out there were lots of folks modding them to diffuse the beam some. Frosted scotch tape on the glass and fogging the reflector with clear spray were two popular methods.
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    I have one of these with a dead driver that I've been getting ready to make the swap on. Probably going to go for an MT-G2 and make a monster helmet lamp but I have to find the right driver. There was one on amazon that claimed 6 amps and had the switch already mounted in the center. Will bear some investigation

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