trail-tech, magicshine, deans connectors, 18-2 wire-
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    trail-tech, magicshine, deans connectors, 18-2 wire

    I know there has been alot of discussion on connectors and wire but I am looking for flexible 18-2 wire for extension cords or just primary cords for helmet lights w/ the battery to be carried in a camelbak or jersey pocket. I am not interested in having a battery on my helmet.
    The magicshine 1m extension cables are relatively cheap at about $5 w/ both connectors. I currently have trail-tech connectors on my batteries/lights but the cable is stiff and their extension cable is coiled which is bulky also. The trail-techs and magicshine connectors, although similar, do not connect securely
    I am thinking of converting everything to magicshine plugs but am wondering about converting everything to deans connectors but then I need some bulk wire. I saw one thread listing a wire rated at 3A but wondered if the wire should be rated higher than the max current for the xml and l-flex?
    The inner wires for trail-tech and magicshine cords look very similar but the trail-techs outside diameter is larger. I am assuming that the magicshines can handle the 3A current(?).
    Sorry for the long post and convoluted question.

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    Check out the sticky at the top of the forum. Lots of useful info related to DIY parts suppliers.

    EL34 (one of our mtbr forum members) and hobbyking are good sources.

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    I've used MS cables exclusively since I started building and I haven't had any problems with them. I tend to make my cable runs short though, as I have my battery on my helmet and the bar light battery is at the toptube/headtube junction. The wire gauge isn't the thickest, so there might be some voltage sag over a 1m extension if you're running 3A through it (no problem as far as i can tell over 1/2 that distance though). Oh, and I've heard of rare problems with the connections inside the plug being weak. Again, I've used 10 or more of them without problem. That's about all I can think of for the MS cables.

    I got my last one from eBay as DX pulled the in stock/out of stock trick on me. I think it was ~$4.50 instead of $3.50

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    I just bought a MS cable from - $5 before shipping, and U.S. based. No long shipping times due to DX or customs.

    My only concern with deans, having used them in the R/C world in the past, is that they can be so damn hard to separate. with a small plug body itself, I don't like having to tug on the cable itself.

    I've used the good ole tamiya connector for years for battery connections, but I'm in the process of switching everything over to Anderson Powerpoles now.

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    I have been able to mate MS cables to Trail-tech and others by judicious use of heat shrink tubing that stays attached to one end and acts as a seal for the other. May need a double layer.

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