Topeak Moonshine HID Battery or Controller Fault?-
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    Topeak Moonshine HID Battery or Controller Fault?

    I just purchased a Moonshine HID. It is brand new. I have cycled the battery 5 times but I'm getting runtime like 10mins max before the light shut down with the low battery indicator blinking.

    I tested the battery with a voltmeter fully charged and after the light shutdown. Both time read in excess of 15V.

    I don't have another set of Moonshine to test with, neither can I locate another one in my country. How to I tell if it is the battery or controller?

    Thank all in advance!

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    Hi, surement, the battery are failing, the NiMh batteries are formed with a set of 1,2v batteries and sure that some piece don't work. If your battery are in warranty, go to shop to change it.

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    might be the charger

    Its possible it could be the charger. I had a niterider with a similar problem. The charger would indicate it was charging it correctly but in fact it would hardly put a charge on the battery-the battery was dead in a minute or two. If there was anyway you could try another charger that would at least elimate that. I have seen previous posts where people have had good experience in the US with Topeak either fixing or replacing problems with the HID's .

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    Scroll down. There was someone else with the new Topeak HID and it was also defective. I would say return/exchange it if you can.
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    I have send it back for repair. I don't think I'm gonna get a replacement even thought I just gotten least that what my dealer say..which kind of suck.

    I got bored and start messing around with it. Seem like multiply fault. Charger is fine. Battery is dead, used it to power another light and its too dead in 10mins. I power the light thru a 15v DC power supply, on electric power but still after 2 mins, the low batt light start flashing and the light shut off.

    Measure voltage output of ballast, it was putting out as low as 5v at times...

    Well, I got myself a L&M problem, work fine, bright as hell and no more headache and heartache.

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