Hello All,

George is out of town at the moment so I thought I might ask you guys since I can't buy replacement drivers right now. I have 2 of my lights that aren't working. I have checked the wires and they seemed to be hooked up correctly.

Light #1: Running 2 XML, 7.4v battery, Lflex. User was complaining of heat sensor triggering then the light just quit. I think the heatsink might not have been doing its job. When I got the light I plug in the battery and the XML's will flash very dimly once. If I press the switch the status LED will blink once and nothing else happens. No visible damage to the driver (no burn marks or weird looking things). Its getting 7.4v at the driver. Is there a way to reset the driver back to default settings if I can't get into config mode?

Light #2: 2 XML, 14.4v battery, H6flex. Had some heatshrink move causing the + and - input wires to short out. Now nothing when I plug in battery or press button. I think I fried this one as I get no reactions to it. Am getting 14.4v to the driver.

What other trouble shooting tests should I do. Besides checking wires and battery the only thing I have done is hook up the multimeter to make sure the drivers are getting juice. Was planning to just buy new drivers and replace them but since George is out for another week or two maybe I can fix what I have.

Thanks in advance.